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Logo for boutique consultancy Maum Consulting.


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop


June 2021
Maum Consulting, founded by Terry Park in 2021, approached me to design a logo that incorporates the concept of its namesake, "Maum." Maum (pronounced mah-eum) is a Korean word loosely meaning soul. Or, by Terry's definition, "mind, body, heart, and soul, reunified." The consultancy, which provides services including educational consulting, diversity and inclusion, and corporate training, needed a logo that reflected the Korean heritage and values of its founder. For this design, I was inspired by Korean name stamps and how they encompass the name within a circle/square. The enclosure represents harmony and unity with one-self, but the slight breaks on either side represent connecting with the outer community as well. The main Maum logo/symbol can be used in most contexts, but I also created a secondary logo version that includes Terry's definition of Maum as a tagline. We decided on a deep eggplant purple, associated with royalty in Korean culture, as the main brand color and bright coral and sky blue for secondary colors.
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